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The autobiography of an African slave

BASED ON TRUE EVENTS, HOWEVER THIS ESSAY INVOLVES FICTIONAL CHARACTERS. This is an autobiography of an African slave whose life is destroyed from the American slave trade. It includes some content that might linger in your mind. Check out my other essays for more excellence! ;)

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Table of contents

Chapter 1 - The Good Life
Chapter 2 - Capture
Chapter 3 - The Middle Passage
Chapter 4 - For Sale
Chapter 5 - Life On The Plantation
Chapter 6 - Final Reflections

Preview of the essay: The autobiography of an African slave

The autobiography of an African slave Introduction My name is Philip but this is not my real name. It is the name I was given by my Master when he brought me to his plantation over 35 years ago. My African name is Gamba and I was born in the Ashanti tribe in West Africa over 60 years ago. I am now old and would like to record the story of my life for future generations to read. I am lucky to be able to read and write so I think it is my duty ...

... horrible since they knew themselves that we were real people and not animals, that we were civilised and respectful. If they admitted this well then it was back to the same normal life for them. I am thinking of all the slaves when I am writing this and how they felt as well as me. I am trying to write this using their opinions as well since they never had the chance to express them. It shall never happen again and if it does then it would be better if the whole world just shut down upon us.
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