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Customer Relationship Management at Capital One

The case illustrates how CRM can be translated into strategy, organizational design, hiring, marketing processes, and IT infrastructure of a company.

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Customer Relationship Management at Capital One Capital One is an American financial services company, which have about 45 millions of clients worldwide. The group is also present in the UK. Capital One proposes its customers opening accounts with credit cards, and other financial products like insurance. The company also proposes loans. How would you define CRM as implemented at Capital One ? At Capital One, CRM is present in all the company’s activities and services. The goal is to develop valued relationships with the customers and handle the risk, understanding intimately the consumer. Thanks to that, the company is able to propose customized products which ideally correspond to needs and to the customer’s risk profile. The company uses IBS to implement ...

... One reinforces the link with their future employees. So, they will be able to invest in their company. Since 2007, to implement their CRM strategy, the company gives to the customers so many new advantages as having cash-back on what they buy, so it's a kind of loyalty advantage. On the media clippings shown on the website, we can follow each new CRM activity. Another key point is that Capital One can reach people through the credit card application form on internet. People have to fill in the template first. Then the company gives you an answer for your credit card but it's especially used to know more about people (personal information, employment and financial information, additional information...).
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