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Harrison brother

Several case studies draft about the human resource function of a large department store. It centres on an interview with the human resource manager at its Harrison brother largest store.

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Table of contents

1. Role of the Human Resource Manager
2. Harrison’s Business Strategy
3. Human Resource Structure and Staffing
4. Recommendations
5. Importance of Human Resource 6.Responsibilities & Implications

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The HR Function of Harrison Bros. Overview This case consists of a description of the human resource function of a large department centres on an interview with the human resource manager at its largest store,Westpark The manager describes how the major human resource management functions are designed and implemented in the store.the case allows you to focus on the interface between business strategies and human resource strategy, allowing you to discuss the changing role of human resources in organizations,providing an excellent format for dis cussing the changing role of human resources management in organnizations. The case revolves around McCain's view of her role and its appropriateness given Harrison's strategic goals,and which is only indicative of a general problem within the company. The company is definitely targeting the middle- class,fashion conscious attract.McCain and other human resource managers are presently operating in a reactive mode spending most of their time on maintaining day -to-day human resource operations.while we have no detailed job descriptions for the two human resource assistants,the ratio of human resource staff to number of employees seems to be adequate. Now read on... Company history Harrison's was founded in 1898 and is a ...

... of the HR unit of the Harrison department store in Westpark involves a process that starts with the identification of objectives based on the human resource issues of the company, the determination of the best possible solution to these issues through coordination with the other work units, implementation of these solutions through the cooperation of the other units, the assessment of results and the readjustment of activities according to need. (1999) Specifically, the human resource unit has to strengthen the link of its activities with the company’s objectives. In achieving the goal of improving the sales performance of personnel, human resource activities have to improve staffing, training and motivation policies to attract qualified personnel to remain and contribute their knowledge and skills and grow with the company. It also has to develop good relations with the managers of the other working units through communication to encourage the transfer of information crucial to decision-making and policy implementation. It also has to organise and streamline all its activities to include all important functions, particularly employee career development assessment and policy innovations, taking into consideration limited resources.
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