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HR Research

To explore role satisfaction among employees in the IT sector, i.e., to study the gap between perceived and desired satisfaction of the main psychological needs: achievement, affiliation, influence, control and extension in the organizational roles assigned to employees in the IT industry through development and testing of some hypotheses

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Table of contents

Acknowledgement 3
Abstract 4
Project Objectives 5
Literature Review 6
Problem Definition 7
Background to the Problem 7
Statement to the Problem 8
Hypotheses Formulation 8
Research Design 10
Type of Research Design 10
Information Need 11
Data Collection from Secondary Sources 12
Data Collection from Primary Source 12
Scaling Techniques 12
Non comparative itemized rating scale decisions 13
Scale evaluation 14
Measurement Accuracy 14
Reliability 15
Validity 15
Questionnaire Development & Sampling 16
Scoring: 17
Sampling: 17
Data Analysis 17
Sample Adequacy 17
Methodology 18
T-Tests 18
Correlation Analysis 22
Qualitative Analysis 37
Limitations 38
Appendix 39
Exhibit 1 – The Questionnaire 39

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Information Technology (IT) industry in India is one of the fastest growing industries. Indian IT industry has built up valuable brand equity for itself in the global markets. IT industry in India comprises of software industry and information technology enabled services (ITES), which also includes business process outsourcing (BPO) industry. India is considered as a pioneer in software development and a favourite destination for IT-enabled ...

... this could further improve levels of role satisfaction amongst employees.

The Correlation analysis further provides an indicator on how the satisfaction of these needs could be improved. It is obvious that as any of the variables increase (age,experience,income and distance) the satisfaction with the needs decreases. Hence, this behaviour could be used to favour the organization positively in bringing out the desired result.
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