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Occupational contact dermatitis

Occupational contact dermatitis (OCD) is a pathological condition of the skin for which direct exposure to environmental agents associated with the workplace is the chief causal factor.

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Disconcertingly, OCD has inflicted much morbidity on the workers, and are a visible cause of diminishing productivity and sickness absence in construction industry specifically. Despite the existing safety measures and guidelines in place to pre-empt OCD, the trend of such occupational hazard shows no obvious sign of abating over past 5 years (MOM, 2008). This inherently translates ...

... maintenance with added safety pertaining to the structural integrity of buildings. Overall, it is a more durable material and a safer option than OPC (Jurong Cement Group, n.d.); (Lafarge, n.d.).

Secondly, the production of PBFC uses 75% less energy than OPC which makes the overall price comparable, if not slightly cheaper than OPC (Hoffis, October 26, 2006). However, the insignificant monetary savings, and a rigid mindset accustomed to OPC may deter a successful adoption of PBFC. Therefore, in view of little or no additional financial constraints and compromise on structural safety in concrete workability, we propose the implementation of such legislation as to restrict the use of only PBFC with added ferrous sulfate in future construction.
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