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STANDARDISTAN OF ELT in PAKISTAN: A Long and hard journey

English is an official language in Pakistan and it is mandatory for every individual seeking education to come across it at some stage in life. Although to study ESL skills of Pakistani students one can classify them according to the various mediums of education and through Private, Government etc schools. But the apt way to explore the ESL skills the better way would be to reflect upon the lectal ranges of English language in Pakistan. The Pakistani speakers of English are divided initially into 3 lectal ranges, the Basilect, Mesolect and Acrolect and then there are levels between them. These divisions are based on social, cultural, dominance and financial principles. However, even though the population belongs more to the basilect and mesolect range, but the more responsible EL teachers and developers like to think the acrolect level closer the standard.

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I randomly typed the word “standards” in the search box of the search engine in my PC and as I pressed the enter key I obtained the following impressive list:
Health personnel-standards
Blood bank-standards
Library binding-standards
Data processing-standards
Material publishing-standards…..etc.
It is clear from this list that standards are important for our life and they govern and shape the course of our action. Without them there would be no benchmark to measure against- no yard stick to compare the level of achievement or required set of criteria. However, in this long list there was no listing for the category: “standard and language”. In the field of language education ...

... middle or lower range. It is therefore essential that generalizations be stated relative to a lectal range, defined in terms of user characteristics (e.g., educational level, occupational or mother tongue), structural criteria (phonological, morphological, lexical, syntactic, or pragmatic processes), and attitudinal evolutions (‘standards”, “ prestigious” etc.)
With this thought in mind every teacher can strive to begin with at least the inter-lectal development till the time that there is formerly an establishment of a “Standard” but in the meanwhile the standard to follow should be most likely the acrolect level of English. For ESL, EFL,ELF, whatever forms of the learners of English in the educational hemispheres.
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