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Pakistani television commercials in the end of the year of 2010: a gateway to the recognition of Pakistani english

Pakistani English, a semi-institutionalized code mix variety of English has of late become the popular discourse of at least the urban Pakistanis, their social and media settings. The Pakistani colloquial English, a developing Creole and the most usual second language for those who learn English at school and home, is being widely featured in television commercials of the country. With television commercials famously known for reaching out and communicating in a language that best interacts with their target audience , this paper is an attempt to study one of the most frequent and prominent uses of P.E , as an establishing language that makes up the discourse of the Pakistani T.V commercials in the end of the year 2010

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Pakistani English has established a linguistic and cultural makeup of its own. This developing variety embodies itself throughout the language from the word to syntax level. This is an undeniable effect due to its contact with the Urdu language. A large number of borrowings from Urdu and the regional languages of Pakistan have entered in Pakistani English (Baumgardner 1993). Certain lexical items may show a shift from their original Standard British English usage to Urduized meaning (Talaat 1993). In comparison with the borrowing in syntax and morphology, lexical items have the highest ease of borrowing ...

... English with Urdu and vice versa has become such a common feature of all forms of Pakistani media that we seem to be immune to it and do not mind it at all. The reasons are many , some explainable and others not, however for the linguists and social scientists of the country it is not difficult to notice that Pakistani English almost a toddler now might one day become the most famous form of language in Pakistan and as Dr Riaz Hasan (1983:71) rightly points out:
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