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Gandhy vs Kan

One of them was Father of the Nation, Great Soul, a pacifier, and an advocate of truth and non-violence. The other one was the Greatest Empire Builder, Conqueror of the World, Universal Ruler, and the unmerciful Punishment of God. Yet, both of them were great leaders, had millions of followers and left deep traces in history and culture of not only their own countries, but the whole world. They committed their whole lives to accomplishment of unshakable goals and wanted to “shape” the surrounding by their own visions. They were Mahatma Gandhi and Genghis Khan.

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Rare are the ones that have not heard of Mahatma Gandhi and Genghis Khan. These two men, despite the fact that they lived in a world different from ours are being analyzed and spoken about even today. They are interesting not only for historians, but also for those that study management, leadership, psychology, etc. Regardless of which view one decides to support, the pacifistic or violent one, it is unquestionable that both of them possessed great leadership skills and were irreproachable in their work and actions. Vision is what guided them and no ...

... different from us.
Mahatma Gandhi and Genghis Khan are just two of many leaders that can serve as an example of true leadership that is based on unquestionable goals and supported by true and loyal followers. Both lived and served a greater goal, lived for their “projects”, and wanted for those same projects to over-live them and stay for the generations to come.
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