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The Need for Morality in Human Society

Ethics is a necessity in human society. Man can not tackle the problems and issues confronting him without the basic moral foundation guiding him. This essay discusses the primacy and necessity of ethics to human society.

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Table of contents

An Overview 1
The Necessity of Ethics to Heal Humanity 4
The State Constitution and Its Moral Foundation 5
References 6

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Man alone of all earthly creatures is a moral being. He is endowed with the great gift of freedom of choice in his actions, yet he is responsible for his own freely chosen acts, his conduct. He distinguishes between right and wrong, good and bad in human behavior. He can control his own passions. He is the master of himself, the sculptor of his own life and destiny.

This moral power in man involving the exercise of man’s greatest endowments of freedom of rights and duties is a most distinctive feature of the human personality. Much as the spirit, the soul, governs and permeates the whole human body in a human person, so this moral ...

... y constitution on earth, there was already the constitution of man and his natural rights. The so-called Bill of Rights or the provision on Human Rights which lies at heart of all constitutions did not begin to exist with the writing of the constitution. It was not there prior to the writing of any constitution---written not on blocks of marble or in scrolls of paper but with eternal letters---to speak figuratively---in the heart and conscience of man.
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