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Medium-Term development Plan of the Arroyo Administration Local Government Code of 1991

A better quality of life has been the objective of societies and nations. This has been pursued since the ancient times to the present. About one hundred years before the Trojan War, Minos, mythical son of Zeus, organized a communal society in the island of Crete. For centuries, universal justice and virtue reigned in the island. Conditions were similar to the fabulous Shangrila of the Lost Horizon. It was like a paradise for the people. They contributed their individual ideas, talent, skills and labor to the community for its development, and for the good of all its members. The needs of the people were justly supplied, and they were happy and contented.

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The development for Metropolitan Manila was contained in the policy document, “Manila: Toward the City of Man”, an approximation of what Metropolitan Manila should be in relation to the region and the nation. It proposed to rehabilitate a decaying metropolis by focusing on the development of man and responding to strategic and long term needs in relation to the environment, economic development, improved accessibility, rational allocation of land, and integrated development. This plan identified the critical issues, the existing and emerging trends, and the basic planning development policies related to housing, public safety, health, water, power mobility, tourism, parks and recreation, ecological balance, social uplift, population, economic base or livelihood, food and clothing, land and physical development.( Tendero, 1994)
In February 1979, the Development Planning Office (DPO) was established with the designation of an assistant to the governor for planning. The interim system of working and planning through the action was minimized. A regular central planning was in effect, created. In March 1979, the DPO was reconstituted as the Office of the Commissioner for Planning (OCP) and the position of the assistant for planning was elevated to that of the commissioner by virtue of a presidential appointment,
During this time local development planning was formally instituted in the
city, provincial and municipal levels. Local Government Units were mandated to create the position of local development coordinators. When Presidential Decree 144 was promulgated, this made a mandatory allocation of 20 percent from the local funds to be utilized for development projects and activities. Development ...

... addressed are: Education and sports specifically on construction of classrooms; all programs under health and sanitation except barangay health centers; all programs in agriculture; all programs on livelihood; construction of bank protection to prevent floods, construction of seed bank nurseries and solid waste management under protection and preservation of the environment and farm to market roads and irrigation facilities under infrastructure. Tourism is also an area that needs a lot of attention.

3.0 Proposed recommendations to address the identified needs to improve the implementation of the Development Program of the LGU in Mapandan
The proposed recommendations are the results of the analysis of the findings made and will therefore address the needs identified along the different development areas to enable the municipality to achieve its goals and visions for the sustainability of development for the entire community.
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