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MARKETING: Advertisement Report (Full Service)

Finally, in the physical world, media buyers can apply various observation made in order to collect mixed reactions from the audience at the moment when a product is being sold or being marketed. The paper focuses on Modester Media Solutions LTD (MMS) which is a full service media that was assigned the duty of advertising Carlsberg beer on behalf of Carlsberg Brewery (M) Bhd

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MARKETING: Advertisement Report (Full Service) Modester Media Solutions LTD (MMS) is a full service media that was assigned the duty of advertising Carlsberg beer on behalf of Carlsberg Brewery (M) Bhd. The company is the regions market leader commanding a share of more than 60%. The core market areas are: United Kingdom, Asia, Nordic region and Eastern Europe. The key duties of the Carlsberg are production, sales and distribution of beer. Carlsberg puts more emphasis on the significance of quality and strong completive positioning of the beer and other involved services for the benefit of all the links in the value chain. The brand’s activities are very lucrative although in some areas of operation it is facing threats due to competition from substitute products and government regulations. The environmental audit of the beers activities has been well performed using the PEST model. With this, the beer has been found to be adversely influenced by the government policies in the countries that the brand is in the market, the economic conditions, and the social-cultural perception on the beer. Other factors affecting the beer are technological issues, legal issues and environmental issues. From the Porter’s five forces ...

... sold or being marketed. For instance, researchers can be placed in a given area in order to observe the market trends as viewed by the information collected from the consumers. The advantage with this kind of strategy is that it entails the relevant information that is intended in making relevant changes that address consumer behaviors in real situation. The whole of this is done to respond to the marketing communication. This article described the media planning processes beginning from the development of media objectives through to development of media strategies and finally evaluating the efficiency of these plans and policies. The whole of the above is done in order to establish both the weaknesses and strengths of the media.
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