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Cleft lip and Palate

The difference between a cleft lip and a cleft palate is that while a cleft lip affects the patient’s lip, a cleft palate the roof of a patient’s mouth or what is medically referred to as a palate. It should be understood that a cleft means a separation or a split. A cleft lip is also a narrow gap within the upper lip’s skin which extends to the base of the nose. Partial clefting is when the clefts only extend through both back and front parts of the palate.

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Cleft lip and Palate Introduction These two conditions are both splits in the mouth structure. Craniofacial anomaly is what physicians call this condition (clefting). When children are born with clefts it means that they do not have sufficient tissue in their respective mouths. There is a possibility of a child being born with both cleft palate and clef t lip. In addition a child’s oral structure can have either of the above mentioned conditions. Cleft lip usually is characterized by an opening from the upper towards both or just one nostril. Clefts are the most common birth defects as statistics indicate there occurrence in 1 to between 700 and 1000 births. However, clefts are generally common in Asia, Latin America or Native America. All hope should not be lost since clefts can be treated. Most children undergo reconstructive surgery when they are twelve to eighteen months not only to correct the defect but also to improve the appearance of the face. ...

... months before speech patterns get set. a special denture palate is usually utilized in the event that correct or fixation of the defect is delayed for instance up to at least four years (Andrew &Lina, 2005).
In addition, the nurse has to intervene in his or her capacity to ensure that proper and adequate nutrition is properly adhered to, prevent all the infection that might hamper the proper healing of the kid, enhance acceptance, and prevent obstruction of the airway and ambition and finally generally ensuring good home management that will enhance comfort of the infant.
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