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FIMM Sweet Potato Cookies

Philippines as a tropical country, is blessed with lush vegetation and verdant farmland. One of the plants that grow abundantly in the country is sweet potato. It is one of the most important yet underexploited food crops.

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In fact, among the crops planted in any of the developing countries, sweet potato is currently ranked as the fifth most important food crops. This crop has been the focus of intense, coordinated, global efforts to its potential as a good source of food and income for small business enterprise and consumers. Processed products made from sweet potato like cookies, flours and starch are processed to extend the availability, diversify the use and increase the value-added for the crops. To provide the continuous availability of sweet potato products, we the proponents conceptualized a production of sweet potato cookies that will be supplied to our target market. Chapter I PROJECT SUMMARY Name of the Business The proposed business “FIMM Sweet Potato Cookies” aims to supply the local markets with affordable but high-quality sweet potato cookies. Moreover, it will give more preferences to consumers especially to those ...

... one pack of cookies. Frequency and Percentage Distribution of the respondents As to willingness to buy cookies a new kind. Frequency Percentage YES 181 90.5% NO 19 9.5% 200 100% Based on the table, 90.5 % of the respondents are willing to buy a new kind of flavor cookies products and (9.5%) are not willing. Therefore, we conclude that there are more respondents are willing to buy anew kind of cookies. Product Label Step 1: SIFTING Step 2: MEASURING Step 3: CREAMING Step 4: BEATING Step 5: MIXING Step 6: BAKING Step 7: COOLING Step 8: PACKAGING ----------------------- Start End Camote Flour Baking Soda Wheat Flour Sifting Sifting Sifting Measuring Creaming Packaging Cooling Baking Beating Mixing Weighing Manager Marketing Production Deliveryman Baker Baker Worker GANTT CHART
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