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Homicide: Comparison of Homicide Rates in Puerto Rico and San Ju

There have been continuous researches on the relationship between segregation and homicide across the state of Puerto Rico. This study will effectively determine if Puerto Rico has high crimes in homicide as compared to other metropolitan statistical area that is San Juan. The research will focus on a ten year comparison that is from the year 1998 to 2008. Using various statistics it is evident that rise in homicide is wide especially when the Puerto Ricans are segregated from the whites

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Firstly, the specific objective of this study is to effectively compare the rates and trend of homicide as they are been displayed in Puerto Rico as compared to San Juan and secondly, the possible reasons for the differences in trend and rates of homicides between the two states in this discussion (Godoy, 2008).
This study will go beyond research associated to ethnical issues that are ruled to have given raise to homicide. Analysis on homicides in Puerto Rico ...

... method of homicide is normally through firearms in both regions.
The major causes of homicide in Puerto Rico are political violence, drug use, rapid urbanization, political violence. These are the same factors in San Juan even though the magnitudes differ. There are individual factors like family beliefs concerning interpersonal violence, sex or age. Finally in both regions the government is determined to end elevated homicide through employing strategies such as awareness creation, and teaching all the stakeholders on the efforts to prevent violent behavior.
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