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Alcohol Drinking among College and university Students

This paper will greatly review on the reasons why college students involve themselves in excess drinking, in what ways are organizations within colleges intend to reform and improve school drinking behaviors and what are the consequences of consuming alcohol in excess.

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Alcohol Drinking among College and university Students Introduction It is very evident that it is very hard for a college student to resist an offer such as “another glass of beer?” or “here, have another beer on my bill.” Due to this, college drinking habits have drawn concerns by public health on the consequences of engaging in heavy alcohol drinking by college students. It is clear that colleges’ students involve in drinking habits displays certain patterns which are attributed by factors such as peer pressure, access to large amount of alcohol and wrong decisions undertaken by this students. reports from the national survey indicates that from the year 1999-2005, college student who drank five or more drinks between the age of 18 and 24 increased from forty one percent to forty five percent calling ...

... Education. The efforts ease this behavior can not be enough without the help of other numerous not-for-profit organizations that have strived to offer services such as counseling and awareness creation among college students.
Finally, excessive drinking of alcohol has many negative consequences. They range from physical, psychological, and medical conditions that can come about as a result of alcoholism. The medical problems include: brain damage, high blood pressure, heart diseases, and strokes. Other than this, female drinkers suffer a lot as they are frequently taken advantage of while drunk. It is very apparent that while drank, students end up making wrong decisions like driving under the influence and having unsafe sex.
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