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Professional Language and Culture Report

The professional culture and language of field workers in finance insurance is a report involving individuals working in finance insurance widely focusing on the tone and environment to which they work upon. The field associated to finance insurance is one that assists an institution against the risks of loss when it’s carrying out its activities.

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Table of contents

I. Executive Summary 3
II. The Report: Professional Language and Culture 4
III. References 10
IV. Appendix 11
A. Journal Analysis 11
B. Interview Summary 14

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It is very evident that they have been occurrences of risks affecting many organizations; this factor has been considered to broaden the constantly changing language and culture of finance insurance. Depending on the kind of risk happening at a particular time, the culture language and responsibility change day in day out. From the definition of finance insurance, that is business arrangement which assist businessmen in engaging in transactions that may lead them in obtaining losses, it is evident any business or corporation requires a finance insurance department that will raise an alarm should there be any kind of risk within ...

... their work. Even though there are those who may want oppose some of the decision made, dialogue has been the tool that clears all the misunderstanding. How do you advice other individuals with an aim of becoming a bank manger in future? Keep on working hard and remain focused. There are so many opportunities out there as many banks coming up. Your efforts can never go unrewarded. Did the global credit crunch affect your banks operations? Virtually all financial institutions get affected by variations in the global economic climate. Even though the economy is slowly picking up, the situation was a big challenge to us especially within our strategic planning. However, our general operational strategy was not significantly altered as we have always strived to put sustainable projects in place that can endure the economic down-cycles.
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