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Pangasinan's Best Smoked Fish

Food has been preserved by smoke—curing since before the dawn of recorded history. People in all cultures the world over have relied on the smoke-curing of fish and meat products for long-term storage. In Europe and Britain during the middle ages various heavily smoked and salted foods were relied upon to carry people over the lean times of late winter and into spring. Fresh fish could not be transported any distance from the port of landing unless they were preserved. Two of these products were Red Herring and Salt Cod. Red Herring was made with heavily salted herring that was smoked for up to three weeks in a kiln similar to those in use today to make "bloaters" on Grand Manan, New Brunswick today.

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Table of contents

I Project Summary
   Name of the Enterprise
   Related National Program
   Project’s Long Range Objectives
   Feasibility Criteria
   Highlights of the Project
   Project Time Table
   Nature of Industry
   Mode of Financing
   Investment Cost

II Market Study
     Product Description
Factors affecting the Market
Marketing Program
SWOT Analysis

III Technical Study
The Products
Manufacturing process
Flow Chart
Plant Size
Machinery and Equipment
Office Supplies
Plant Location
Building and Facilities
Waste Disposal
Production Cost

IV Financial Study
Income Statement
Statement of Cash Flows
Balance Sheet
Financial Ratio Analysis

V Management Study
Form of Ownership
Organizational Chart
Key Personnel
Project Time Table
General Administrative Policy

VI Socio-Economic Study
Importance of the Study
Effects towards Students
Effects towards the Society
Effects towards the Government
Effects toward the Industry
Effects towards the Supplier
Effects towards the Supply
Effects towards the Customer
Effects towards the Workers
Socio-Economic Chart

Preview of the essay: Pangasinan's Best Smoked Fish

The project is named “Pangasinan’s Best Smoked Fish.” It was named as such because Rani, one of the proponents, had worked as vendor of fish in the public market of Lingayen for many years. He is well known and famous in the market. He is exposed to a business environment, a well experienced with such field of business.
The production site of PANGASINAN’S BEST SMOKED FISH will be at Pangapisan Lingayen, Panagasinan. The choice of the location was based on the convenience of the production process of the product since the place is the center of fish processing and bagoong. It will be marketed at Lingayen’s public wet market.

The study aims to find ways and means to help the government in uplifting the economic situations particularly in the local community. It intends to give opportunities to individuals especially the unemployed to be able to become productive by means of giving them employment.
As a registered tinapa maker, unlike most of the existing competitors were not registered, Pangasinan’s Best Smoked Fish will greatly help the government from its projects and programs since the taxes that will be paid will be appropriate and monitored accordingly to the municipality of Lingayen.

The project projects after five (5) years:
1. It will have its main office in Lingayen, Pangasinan
2. It will have its product variation such as paties, longganisa, shanghai imbutido that are made from fish. It will also produce flavored smoked fish and smoked ...

... towards the customer Since the customer served as the primary concern of the business, it needs to give them a healthy and nutritious food. Considering also their capacity to buy the product, Pangasinan’s Best Smoked Fish Products are made affordable, thus increasing demand of its product. Effects towards the worker The workers will be given an appropriate wage or salary according to their capabilities and incentives will be provided also. For this, their families will also be benefited. The workers will be given a chance to be heard in making complaints, suggestions and ideas for improvements of the business.
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