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Values and Moral Decadence: Business and Human Society in Focus

Discusses the causes of moral decadence and deterioration of moral values, including profit ethics and altruism in business.

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Table of contents

Introduction 2
On Men and Moral Values 3
Deteriorating Moral Values 4
Cause Behind Growing Moral Decadence 5
Business Goals in Retrospect 8
Profit Ethics and Altruism 9
Bibliography 10

Preview of the essay: Values and Moral Decadence: Business and Human Society in Focus

No organization can operate outside the value system of a given society. It is in fact that value system that largely influences if not totally shape the behavior of individuals who as a group comprise the organization. The value system is a pattern of general attitudes and beliefs concerning what is desirable or undesirable, what is right or what is wrong.

Such value system may be expressed in the aspirations for and development of certain goals, such as moral courage, truth, justice and equality. There are those who claim that values vary considerably in intensity, durability, and extensiveness throughout a population. As such ...

... consider full sponsorship of non-profit activities. A particular company could provide all the support for, say, a national tour of a popular dance troupe which portrays a culture of their country. A sole-support of the contribution of the company; it might even make life simpler for the dance troupe.

From the point of view of society, perhaps It will be correct to say that, in the final analysis, a business firm’s success should be gauged not solely on the basis of its financial profits but also on the kind of community it creates and its contribution to the building of a better quality of life among the people.
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