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Concepts and Principles of Human Resource Management

The most important resources of an organization are its human resources the people who supply the organization with their work, talent, creativity, and drive. Thus, among the most critical tasks of a manager are the selection, training, and development of people who will best help the organization meet its goals. Without competent people, at the managerial level and indeed at all levels, organizations will either pursue inappropriate goals or find it difficult to achieve appropriate goals once they have been set.

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Table of contents

Human Resource Audit 5
Recruitment 6
Position Description 7
Sources for Recruitment 8
Outside Recruitment for Managers and Professionals 9
Implications for Managers 10
Selection 11
Steps in the Selection Process 13
Interviewing 16
Training and Development 18
The Role of Human Resource Recruitment 25
Personnel Policies 25
Recruitment Sources 26
Internal versus External Sources 27
Advertisement in Newspapers and Periodicals 28
Electronic Recruiting 29
Evaluating the Quality of a Source 30
Recruiters 31
Types of Selection Methods 33

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Human Resource Planning. Human resource planning is designed to ensure that the personnel needs of the organization will be constantly and appropriately met. Such planning is accomplished through analysis of (1) internal factors, such as current and expected skill needs, vacancies, and department expansions and reductions; and (2) factors in the external development, such as the labor market. As a result of this analysis, plans are developed ...

... information with other employees. Managers take an active role in identifying training needs and helping to ensure that employees use training in their work. To facilitate the sharing of knowledge managers should create informational maps that show where the knowledge lies within the company (i.e., publishing directories that list what a person does as well as the specialized knowledge they possess) and use technology such as groupware (e.g., Lotus Notes) or the Internet that allows employees in various business units to work simultaneously on problems and share information.
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Human Resources
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