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Ethics and Ethical Standards in Business

A discussion of the historical background of ethics and ethical standards in business and an analysis of the various schools of thought pertaining to the application of ethics to business in particular and to the society at large.

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Table of contents

Introduction 2
Historical Background 2
The Doctrine of Just Price 3
Value of Money 4
Origin of Ethics 4
Ethics Defined 5
Early Ethics 5
Later Ethics 6
Other Schools of Ethical Thought 8
Integrating Theories of Ethics 9
Ethics and Law 10
Business Ethics 10
Ethics and the Businessmen 11
Functions of Ethical Standards 12
The Profit Ethics 13
Certain Questions Involving Ethical Issues 14
References 15

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All societies have their moral codes within which individuals try to decide what should or should not be done. Thus, the history records the fact, that almost from time immemorial; leading philosophers during different periods of history were deeply engrossed with the search for demeaning of ethics and ethical standards and for the ultimate justification of ethical principles. For example, they do not only investigate but analyze the meaning of good, or why one should do to others as he would have others do to him.

In a very large sense, the ethical philosophers aim not so ,much to tell men what they or should not do, but rather to help them to understand what it is to be moral and how moral principles can be established. The answers ...

... Is it ethical for a tobacco company to manufacture cigarettes containing marijuana if the law does not prohibit its use?

In closing, may I add the following question to the foregoing list:

Is it ethical for a wine manufacturing company to continually bombard televiewers with its advertisements of alcoholic liquor knowing well that even young kids see such advertisement in their television sets at home?

It is not altogether far-fetched to believe that business executives would disagree over the ethical issues involved in the foregoing questions. This is understandable since ethical standards followed by a businessman help determine the ethics and ethical standards of his business enterprise. A businessman’s code of conduct explicitly determines what degree of ethical behavior or unethical behavior must be adopted and followed. But then, not infrequently, this question is asked: What is the line that separates honorable and moral self-interest from what is described as forms of legal dishonesty?
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