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How levels of influence shaped my life

this essay reflects on the developmental factors of the beginning of our conceptions into the world and how genetic biology plays a part in our development and the nature-nurture and intelligence and how the ecological theories of Bronfenbrenner systems , the micro system, mesosystem,exosystem, and macrosystem has influenced our development internal and externallly.

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Table of contents

Bronfenbrenner\'s ecological theory
Bronfenbrenner\'s Analysis
System Models
How the levels influenced your development

Preview of the essay: How levels of influence shaped my life

Bronfenbrenner’s Analysis: How these Levels of Influence Shaped my Development Bronfenbrenner’s Analysis 1 Through the course of Human Development, there are processes that aid in a person’s development in growing and maturing and getting use to the adaptations in relationship to the environment we will occupy and live in. Nature and Nurture is one of the parts of this process that had been studied and observed by other prominent psychologists. In the past and it’s relation to human development are related to genetics and its capabilities and ...

... developing these levels of Bronfenbrenner’s systems has always been a part of my life and always will until I cease, and the environment that I share with millions of people each day is also part of me and the other environment too with in my culture .I’ m entering grad school because I want to be a part of society and its work force and history in helping others and achieve a sense of completion and knowledge .
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