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Perspectives on the Different Educational Philosophies

Discussion of the different educational philosophies that influence the educational system by presenting their premises, implications and weaknesses.

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Table of contents

Importance of Philosophy to Students of Education 1
The Different Schools of Philosophy 1
Application of Progressive Principles 15
Weakness of the Different Educational Thoughts 15
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Preview of the essay: Perspectives on the Different Educational Philosophies

Importance of Philosophy to Students of Education

The history of education reveals to us that the importance of philosophy in education was not realized by educators until the beginning of the World War II, hence, educational philosophy, was made an integral part of the curriculum of all teacher training institutions. The study of educational philosophy is essential to the study of education. The general aim of the educational philosophy is to provide the students the basis of philosophical understanding which will enable them to arrive at a logical and systematic theory of education. By understanding ...

... asserts that the important purpose of education is to promote the intellectual and social development of the individual. Likewise, the teacher must encourage the scientific attitude of open-mindedness and objectivity in each student. The tendency to withhold one’s judgment when all the relevant data are collected reflects the goal of nature judgment, valuable for the growth of the individual. Education must be based upon the experiences of the learner. This concept is based on the theory of self-activity---meaning learning by experiencing or reacting. In other words, learning is considered an active process.
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