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Improved Leadership Practices of Barangay Captains

Leadership is essential to the gaining of the cooperative effort in the organization in solving problems of common interest. Leadership is universal, and leaders, undoubtedly are indispensable. The indispensability of leaders is manifested in the bureaucratic structure as well as in the organization in all fields of human affairs. Without leaders, an organization shall not have any backbone or support to which the structure coordinate or unite. A very interesting point of contention regarding leadership is the need for understanding and developing proper leadership practices. It is quite easy to observe and give critique on mismanagement and bad leadership practices, but it become complicated, however, if the question revolves around good and quality leadership. The significance of adopting better leadership practice(s) is inherently unquestionable. The logic regarding welfare and benefit, and survival suffice to answer why proper leadership practice(s) is a paramount.

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study determined the leadership practices of the Barangay Captains in the different Barangays of the Municipality of Lingayen, Pangasinan.
Specifically, the study sought to answer the following questions:
1. What is the socio-economic profile of the Barangay Captains in terms of the ff:
a. Age;
b. Sex;
c. Years in service;
d. Highest educational attainment; and
e. Income?
2. What are the leadership practices of Barangay Captains in terms of the following functions provided by law?
a. Planning
b. Organizing
c. Motivating
d. Controlling
e. Decision-Making?
3. Is there a significant relationship between Socio-Economic Profile (SEP) and the leadership practices?

... Planning is highly negatively correlated with age and the correlation is significant at α = 0.05. Motivating is also moderately negatively correlated with age and also significant at α = 0.05.
In terms of sex and years in service as barangay captain, none of the functions are significantly correlated with each of them.
Education is correlated with almost all the profile variables. It is moderately negatively correlated with planning, moderately negatively correlated with motivating, moderately negatively correlated with controlling and highly negatively correlated with decision making. The relationship are all significant at α = 0.05.
The relationships are negatively in nature, indicating that the lower the educational attainment of the barangay captains, the higher their self perceived ratings on the functions are.
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Princess R.

This essay provides a good bird's eye view to political governance in the barangay level. It would be of help if the findings of this study could be utilized.

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