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Major Challenges Faced By Public Service Leaders In 21st Century And How To Cope Up With The Challenges

The essay is about the leadership pocedure needed for 21st century. Public sector leaders of 21st century are facing an uphill task to cope up with the never-seen-before challenges like rapid technological changes, globalization, sustainability, population explosion etc. Since the future seems dark, this is the time the leaders should take steps and the processes of taking such steps are described in the essay.

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
2. Leadership
3. Great virtues of leadership
4. Technological change and public leadership
              I) Education sector scenario
              II) e- Government
              III) Defence sector scenario
              IV) Other sectors scenario
              V)               General public leadership solution
5.   Globalization and public leadership
              I) Educational collaboration
              II) Free trade
              III) Telecommunication
              IV) Volunteer sector
6.    Environmental sustainability and public leadership
                     I) Transportation
                     II) Global warming
                     III) Pollution
                     IV) Renewable energy
                     V) More tree      
7.    Population explosion and public leadership
8.    Conclusion  

Preview of the essay: Major Challenges Faced By Public Service Leaders In 21st Century And How To Cope Up With The Challenges

Major Challenges Faced By Public Service Leaders In 21st Century And How To Cope Up With The Challenges Introduction: This is 21st century. The world is moving faster, getting smaller and changing at a pace like never before. Today the world is governed by the amazing development of science and technology which gave 21st century its shape. With the efflorescence of the concept globalization people call themselves a global community. Today this global community is facing an enormous task of sustaining their environment because otherwise their extinction would follow. All these technological changes, globalization, environmental sustainability etc. is changing people’s perceptions, expectations, way of living and ...

... so by common sense it is evident that there will be no existence of life if world war happens. Therefore, this is the time the world leaders and public leaders should be more serious than ever. Conclusion: Technological change, globalization, environmental sustainability and population explosion are the major challenges public leaders are facing. The challenges are highly interrelated and in between there are many more dilemmas which leaders are to confront. So a 21st century leader should be intuitive, technically strong and moving forward along with the other virtues of leadership.
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