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Understanding European Union.

Questiones: 1) The EU democratic and knowledge deficit have been the topic of scolarly debate for many years. In your opinion, how big problems both represent? Explain! 2) One of the EU competition policy objectives is “Promotions of competitiveness of EU companies”. Explain its significance! 3) Among others, the EU developed Cohesion policy during last decades. It is important to continue with the development of this policy further more in the future. Explain why! 4) The EU-Russia relations have often been described as challenging. In your own opinion, how these relations will continue to develop in near future? Explain your view.

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The EU has helped the Europeans to take their relations with neighboor countries on a whole new level. Understanding and underlineing the relations of these European nations. This institution has been successful to tie the states together economically, culturally. The opening of borders, free trade, the movement of the people has helped to create an idea that the people are a part of a bigger something then their own state. Policy making was partially put on the shoulders of the european parliament and so it led to a feeling that the decission making is now centrialized. The citizens of this entity started to take more interest in each other to work together, ...

... pipelines or getting the power from some other countries, like the middle east. The problem might occur then, when Russia comes to realize that it is not needed in this sector. But I dont think this will ever happen. Russia is a key factor again in doing business. Exports are targeting the Russian market coming from the 27 EU states. Connections with Germany, like that 32% of Russian export end up in Germany and that is also true vise versa, show that the EU is in key importance for Russia and the russian economy. My opinion is that Russia will still hold the monopol over the majority for the EU's energy import but that is to be kept up so that the EU can trade with Russia. Through Russia, the EU can target other Asian countries that were or still are under the influence of Russia. It is very important that these to parties agree for the future and become even better trade partners. No, Russia doesnt want Europe, they want European. European products, but it is the same for European. For both its better to keep up the trade as it is now.
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