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FIle Organization

Types of data and their storage in computer systems.

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FILE ORGANIZATION: The first computers in the 1950’s were mainframe. - Large, expensive, and reserved for a few select users - These monitors occupied entire buildings. These first computers were not designed for “On-line” response to a user’s command they used “batch Approach” Batch - Users submitted Coded cards containing data and program commands. - Computer professionals fed these cards into the computer and usually sent the printed results to the users the next day. - A miscoded Card usually meant that the user would have to resubmit the entire program the following day - At this time, there was little need to share computer resources (such as printers, and modems, storage disk). - Computers were so few (and so costly) that the average office could not afford one. - One solution to this expense problem was “time-sharing” - During the 1960’s- become possible for an office to use a “dumb” terminal, modem, and card header to connect with a mainframe computer through telephone line. - By leasing (or “sharing”) time on computer, they enjoy benefits of computer without massive expenditure. - The problem – with time-sharing, was how ...

... The Grolier’s Electronic Encyclopedia
-The Oxford English Dictionary

-Optical laser disk are used by end user companies to store their own, propriety information.
-Once data have written to the medium, they can only be read, not update or changed.

-New technology offers promise that optical laser disk will become commercially viable as a read-and-write like floppy disk storage technology.
-Can store up to 1000mb.
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