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Noli Me Tangere

Juan Crisostomo Ibarra, being the lead character in the novel was used by Rizal to be the face of many Filipinos. Despite having a well-off family and given a chance to study in Europe, he chose to go against the political administration and the church, as he can see their wrong system. Ibarra made many decisions which some led to disasters, while some turned out to be good. As the story goes on, all of the characters represent the different types of Filipinos and even Spaniards during Rizal’s time, which is why the novel was not allowed to be read by the Filipinos/Indios back then.

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Touch Me Not Project #1 The line “touch me not” has a deeper meaning in a biblical sense; there was a painting that was specifically made for the biblical verse John 20:17. The painting represented the appearance of Jesus to Mary Magdalen at the sepulcher. Recall that Jesus rose up from the dead three days after his death and appeared to Mary Magdalen. She noticed that Jesus was flawless and did ...

... probably angered the Filipinos more, causing them to seek revolt against the Spaniards. In the novel, numerous predicaments were depicted, and some of them are called as “kanser ng lipunan,” wherein the society faces these kinds of obstacles and solutions are not very obtainable. Sometimes, solutions can be attained, but the society still suffers from this “kanser ng lipunan” again and again.
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The novel written by Dr. Rizal is among the best novels ever written by an Asian, if not the best. He is the first icon of democracy in Asia really.

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