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The game of the world

It is all about the Philippines Statistical system that contributes to success. Industrialization is a main global challenge nowadays but the Philippines failed to achieved a fully industrialized state because of the political and economic policies that can traced back to as far as the post war period. For example, the Philippines follows a financial scheme called BOT – Build, Operate and Transfer Scheme. This is used because we don’t have enough capital to sustain new human resources. In other situations, we need to borrow money from the World Bank.

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Table of contents

1st paragraph ........ the intorduction
2nd paragraph........ the industrialization

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The Game of the World The Philippines, a country of freedom and of rich culture. Rich not in money, but in natural resources and labor force. I grew up constantly smiling and searching for a purpose. Why am I here? A little Juan Dela ...

... you do to make a difference? It is your choice but my choice is to be a productive one. Although I may have a small voice, I have a big dream, a dream to heal a suffering, neglected and forgotten nation. Once again, good morning.
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Princess R.

Nice piece. Lots of good ideas are presented in this essay. Lots of things are also mentioned about the Philippines.

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