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designer client relationshio

The essay is about designer/client relationship. It describes how does this relationship work on different stages of design process.

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Nature of relationship

2. Main body
a. Important factors

b. Stages of design process

  1. taking brief
  2. survey
  3. financial issues
  4. style considerations

3. Conclusion

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AS we think of interior design, it brings to or mind a creative and interesting process such as sketching plans, choosing different colors and Textures, creating exiting spaces and shapes. It is defiantly part of a designer's job, but there are other important factors behind all that. Whether it is private designers or a big architectural company, they ...

... by Step the design project is developing and designers should consider that clients like to be the part of this development; they feel more safe and trustful towards the designers. Even though, in this development not all the stages might be perfect, but if key elements are done in right way it is likely to get satisfying result.
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Art Studies
Product Design
Princess R.

...this essay is very educational and pragmatic...ideas presented are useful.

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