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Big Fat America "Where do we point the blame?"

This essay is about the over eating in America and obesity on the rise with America's children. Who do we point the blame at? and how do we fix this problem?

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Big Fat America, Where Do We Point the Blame? Abstract Why is America getting so big? We tend to blame fast-food restaurants, our parents, our friends, our fast-paced life, and our portion sizes of today. Fast-food restaurants are much easier and more efficient for this generation of people. Also, the fast-food restaurants like to supersize everything, so not only is it easier, but ...

... would like to blame our parents and our friends, but in reality we must face up to who really is to blame. And that is ourselves. We tend to eat larger portions and have poor diets and lack of exercise. We are to blame if we sit and eat a whole bag of chips or order the large tub of popcorn at the movies. We can control ourselves, and once we learn to do that, I feel that our children will adapt and learn as they grow in a healthy way. There is still twenty-four hours in a day, and we should start using some of that time for exercise. We, as parents, need to get ourselves healthy, so we can raise healthy, happy children.
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