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INTERVAL- the five minutes atmosphere of the cinema-hall

Well, this essay is about my first and last visit to a cinema-theatre. I really shall remember that visit-the scenario. Oh yes! the men going out to smoke, while some stretching themselves out- the mothers taking their children to the washroom, while some going off for some make-up. The whole atmosphere is lighted up even more when the vendor comes in with his basket of peanuts. After a while, the first bell goes and the people come in like a swarm of bees. But suddenly I need to go to the washroom. As I return I see the film has already started and have to digest some mild abusive comments as I get past others to my seat. In this essay, I have tried to put the workings of a cinema hall when an interval is in progress (to tell the truth I never have been to a cinema hall before. I made up the essay on the accounts that I have heard from my mother when she used to go for the film-theatres anxiously in her childhood). Rest is up to you to read it.

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“Get out of my way!” shouted a woman hoarsely. “Oh my foot!” shrieked another. A stream of loud was exchanged. One shouted to warn against pick-pockets. There was ...

... “Move aside!” “I can’t see!” And many more. However as I reached my seat, I had to melt down in shame for the rest while.
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I admire the writer's style. More practice on his part will make him a good writer.

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