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air asia success

AirAsia today handles 11,000 passengers a day with a fleet of 18 planes, offering fares as low as $2.60. (Ryanair has fares between European cities for under one euro, about $1.25.)

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INTRODUCTION HISTORY LOW COST AIRLINE The low-cost concept became a moneymaker in the United States, where it was pioneered in the 1970s by Southwest Airlines, the model for budget carriers elsewhere like Ryanair and easyJet in Europe. DEFINITION OF LOW COST AIRLINES A low cost airline generally has many features that differentiate it from the traditional carriers. These features include ticketless travel, online ticket sales, no international offices, no frequent flyer points, no free food and beverages, no in flight magazines, no club lounges, use of secondary city airports. Not all low cost airlines have these features, and not all airlines that have some of these features are low cost airlines. For example, Virgin Express is a low cost airline, but it still offers complimentary coffee and in flight magazine, and ...

... business model. A study by the Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation (2002) confirms that Asia continues to offer attractive conditions for the air transportation industry. With thirteen out of world’s top twenty-five major urban centre’s located in the Asia Pacific region and a rapidly increasing urbanization) trends, the Asian air travel market is bound to continue to grow. Urbanization is highlighted as one of the key drivers for the growth in air travel. It is estimated that Asia would account for 30% of the world market by 2019, or one third of growth between now and then. While the impact of SARS is going to slow down the growth of Asian regional demand, the long-run forecast continues to be very positive. These enable low cost airlines to grow even further.
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Princess R.

Air Asia is tremendous. It has evolved into an international airlines. I gain lots of insights in this essay.

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