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Fernando Amorsolo's Fishing Scene

I write this essay, yearning to go beyond the basics of the art work. I need to discover the thoughts of the artist as he laid color and life to the canvass. I want to live in the context, to be present at the scene and breathe its passion. To do this I need to search the obvious and available.

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Serenity and Harvest Discussion on Fernando Amorsolo’s “Fishing Scene” The night is always darkest before dawn. I cannot get that out of my head. I write this essay, yearning to ...

... possesses, but by its heart and spirit. That, which tells me not of hope but of struggle. For the Philippines in these times, it could be a longer night before dawn awakes.
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Princess R.

Fernando Amorsolo could be well regarded as the El Greco of the Filipinos for his art works. I found this essay very genial.

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