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Rogers chocolate case study and competition in chocolate premium idustry

Its essay about the rogers chocolate and competition in chocolate premium industry...This report is the analysis of the competitive forces in level of the competition in the premium chocolate industry. Moreover the report elaborates the Swot analysis and the competitive strategy of the Rogers Chocolates, a Canadian based chocolate company

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Table of contents

1.0 Competition in premium chocolate industry 2
2.0 The effect of external Factors on premium Chocolates industry 5
3.0 The success factors for premium chocolates industry 7
4.0 SWOT Analysis of Rogers’` Chocolates 9
5.0 The competitive Strategy of Rogers` Chocolates 13
6.0 Conclusion 15
7.0 References 16

Preview of the essay: Rogers chocolate case study and competition in chocolate premium idustry

The competition in the premium chocolate industry can be explained by applying the Porters 5 forces model. This model, named after Michael Porter (1979), can be looked upon as a structure to examine and analyze an industry. It is a theoretical instrument to elaborate the potential threats but also the chances of a particular industry. Porter mentions five forces that have an impact on a business; suppliers, buyers, potential entrant, substitutes and the rivalry among existing firms. (Production of Analysis, viewed 11th June, 2010). Bargaining power of suppliers
In production of premium chocolate the major raw material is cocoa bean, secondary sugar, and milk. Concerning sugar and milk, there are several suppliers of these materials accessible around the world; there is no concentration, neither a needed differentiation. Manufacturers can use financial techniques such as hedging in order to decrease the effect of price rises on their own margins ...

... new innovation and production of new products that will definitely help the company to expand and increase its brand awareness to other areas.

Rogers’ success largely depends on consumer experiences in the retail locations. Given the decreased consumer traffic in the Vancouver area, Rogers’ sales will be impacted severely because its retail distribution network is focused primarily in this area. Rogers’ will need to evolve its distribution network to gain market coverage so that decreased consumer traffic in the Vancouver area will not mean the fall of the company. Through licensing, franchising or business opportunities, Rogers’ could expand its market coverage without a large capital output. Currently the performance of the company is not accordance with its potential so management should take steps to expand the company and change its competitive strategy of serving a narrow market to a broad market.
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