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The Rules of America's Pastime

Base ball rules in the early days and how it has changed over time.

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The Rules of America's Pastime Introduction on Origin of Baseball rules Harvey (1994) observes that first base balls started in the mid-1800. It was literally brought to life by the famous Ohio Village Muffins and The Diamond Ladies Base Ball Club. These two teams were organized by the Ohio Historical Society (OHS) and it is worth noting that they played without gloves since they were not invented by then. The two teams played matches around the state including on special events. There was a group of New Yorkers who worked to found the Knickerbockers Base Ball Club and also wrote the first set of rules. However other base ball clubs quickly followed and came up with codes which they felt represented them. To that point a need for uniformity and control arose thus the National Association of Base Ball players was formed. The main objective was to standardize the game. In the early days Base Ball was perceived to a game for the wealthy but with time it found its way into the other social circles. As a result anyone could play the game for instance one community against the other. Like the die hard fans still ...

... changes were mean to bring in the aspect of control, proper coordination and order among many other important factors. The result is that as much the rules have significantly changed, there are still some that were used in the early days of Baseball and are still being used today. On a general scale the game is still the same.
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