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The Walt Disney Hall

The Walt Disney concert Hall lies at 111 South Avenue in Downtown Los Angeles-California. This prestigious hall is the fourth of the Los Angeles Music Center.

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An initial gift was in 1987 by Lillian Disney to set up a performance venue serving as both a gift to residents of Los Angeles and attribute to Walt Disney’s dedication to the city and arts. The building that was later officially opened on 23rd October ...

... framed by a fragment of stone wall and the sculptural steel of the café’s roof. In 1998, the design for the offices was included to the general plan and the region was redesigned significantly even though the steel roof ends suddenly as if it was sliced off carelessly at one end. There is no therefore full resolution of the relationship between various forms.
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This essay gives us a brief chronicles of the Walt Disney Building. Fabulous to have read about this structure.

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