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International business Portfolio of Japan

In 1603 Shogun Tokugawa (in order to protect his power) imposed isolation from foreign influences. The policy has ensured 250 years of stability in Japan and encourages the rise of local civilization.

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Table of contents

Background information of Japan
Brief history of Japan
Japan-EU Relations
Economical information of Japan
Japan’s political and legal environment
A Changed Environment for Export Controls
Conclusion and recommendation

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EU-Japan relations are impressive and are developing steadily in various areas of collaboration. The 1991 Political Declaration set the primary principles and specific common goals for these collaboration and further conformed a framework for yearly bilateral meetings (Ministry of Foreign Affairs).
In the 2001 EU-Japan Summit, a 10 year plan of action was adopted to strengthen bilateral ...

... limited affluence will have to find another way that does not require substantial funds to diversify their portfolios. Mutual funds can also offer a quick and somewhat inexpensive method to diversify for small investors and others.
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