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Global Strategic Management - Strategic Audit

Assessment is most frequently used to distinguish and promote the topics of interest in a vast range of human enterprises. This includes all kind of business practices. In general terms the field of evaluation has some degree of divergence. Most managers disagree when it comes to providing distinctions between evaluation and assessment. Most managers agree that evaluation is wider than assessment.

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Global Strategic Management - Strategic Audit Analysis of Strategic Factors Strategic analysis generally involves evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of a company's place in the market ranking. There are several tools and techniques used as the basis for strategic analysis of a given industry. Out of all, strategic factor analysis strategy is considered to be one of the most frequently used techniques for the reason that not only does it centre on internal strengths and weaknesses but also on the external background the company in conducting its business in. After the company has laid out its objectives, it is always necessary for the company to embark on, with its present state of affairs, formulating a strategic plan to achieve the set objectives. However, alterations in the external surroundings frequently create new opportunities and new approaches of attaining these objectives. An environmental scrutiny is thus conducted to establish ...

... manager has to make the judgments about the value or appeal of something. Strategy evaluation is very useful in a company’s growth since it enables the management to identify possible or tangible predicaments in a timely manner. Generally, it is an intricate and susceptible activity. In addition, overemphasis that is normally made can be expensive and counterproductive in certain occasions. Strategy evaluation is used to establish the forces that help in bringing out the attractiveness of a market. These forces consist of those specific to a company that influence its capability of serving its consumers and thus making a profit. Any alteration in any of the forces usually calls for the company to re-examine the market (Plenert, Johannes, & Bill, 2000).
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