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Are Steroids Worth It?

This is almost a 10 page argumentative essay about anabolic steroids. Includes an outline and the Works cited which means it has the intext citation.

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Table of contents


What anabolic-androgenic steroids are.

The forms and ways in which steroids are taken.

The pros of using steroids. (Why people choose to use)

The cons of using steroids.

-Health consequences.
-Blood And heart
-Muscle and bone
-Mental health

-The law.
-Rules for competing in sports.

Examples of famous athletes.


Preview of the essay: Are Steroids Worth It?

Are Steroids worth it? When it comes to steroid use, the con’s outweigh the pro’s. Despite its widespread practice and long history, anabolic steroid use is a controversial issue but has strong recommendations on both sides. Many professional athletes have deceived their fans through discrete steroid abuse. One of the worst con’s is, not only does the user harm himself with the drug; other people who may look-up to him will possibly think it is okay to be a user as well. If you (or “someone you know”) wants to use anabolic steroids, it is safe to say (you or that “someone you know”) are very uneducated about steroid use. Thinking about using “what is officially known as Anabolic Androgenic Steroids”; at the same time, you’re thinking I don’t care about myself or other people who care about me. I selfishly want to be unnaturally very strong and physically fit in a short amount of time. Here are a few aspects to think about if ...

... won't. What this is about, pure and simple, is entertainment. We like seeing bigger than life people doing bigger than life things. The fans have arguably created the market for these drugs.
So we can’t totally place blame on the athletes for the drug use in sports: it’s part and parcel of the business of entertainment. And the drug testing policy of professional sports organizations amounts to little more than a policy of plausible deniability. I’ve said it before: I could take an M-1 tank and drive it, at night, through the loopholes in NFL drug testing, without even scratching the armor plates (
If Charles E. Yesalis feels that way about NFL drug testing, I would have to say the same thing goes for every professional sport governing body.
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