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Reward for Merit and Selfless Service

Combination Essay: Argumentative and define. This is an essay with some works Cited also a portion of it is about my cat so just replace that with your own experience with money for morality or selfless service.

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Table of contents

· Introduction
· Position on the subject
· When reward for merit is beneficial
· Examples of reward for merit and selfless service
· When reward for merit may not be beneficial
· Conclusion

Preview of the essay: Reward for Merit and Selfless Service

Reward for Merit and Selfless Service. Have you ever been rewarded for committing an act of good? Have you given a reward to someone for doing well for himself or herself? If you find a wallet with an amount of cash, identification or credit cards in it and you choose to return it is there a reason to expect him or her to hand out a reward ...

... all over the world do great and important things daily for whatever reason and get showered with merits of different sorts. However, when committing an act of good, it should be done with appreciation of your own work or selfless service.
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Humanistic Studies
Princess R.

In personal life as well as in government service, merit system should be the basis of extending favor to a person such as promotions, raise in salary, and other forms of extrinsic motivations. Those who work should be rewarded.

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