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pintados and sangyaw

Its about the 2010 pintados and sangyaw of tacloban city leyte..

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Table of contents

I. history
II. performers and their winning costumes and street dance
III. conclusion

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PINTADOS-KASADYAAN FESTIVAL The Pintados festival of Tacloban City is a Filipino festival with its own unique flavor. This Pintados festival recalls Pre-Spanish history of the native Leytenos from wars, epics and folk religions. The most expected aspect of the Pintados festival are the festive dancers, painted from head to toe with designs that look like armor to resemble the tattooed warriors of old. During the course of the Pintados festival, dancers whose bodies are painted in an amazing array of colors fill the streets of Tacloban city. Though for others it may seem weird, but not every day one ...

... the statue passed by. The number of people grew and was harder to keep control. The police officers that assisted the entrance of the Santo Niño were having a hard time seeing their faces scrunched up. The Santo Niño was brought to the Alta Mayor with great difficulty. The people stood, prayed in silence and watching the Santo Niño be placed where it belonged. A place such as the Alta Mayor is indeed suitable for it; a high place where everyone can see it and ask for help, guidance, and thanks.
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Princess R.

The Pintados festival in the Philippines depict the rich culture of the Filipinos. I already experienced witnessing this feast and it was great!

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