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Increase Control of High Blood Pressure through Lifestyle Changes

With regard to data concerning specific objectives for reducing the public impact of stroke, it becomes evident that while notable progress has been made, problems and challenges with regard to specific goals remain.

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ncrease Control of High Blood Pressure through Lifestyle Changes The Healthy People 2010 (2000, Heart disease…) notes that in 1998, 82 percent of those with high blood pressure were taking steps to control their high blood pressure through lifestyle modifications—i.e. diet, exercise and reducing sodium intake. A critical review of data collected by both the National Institutes of Health and the Centers for Disease Control suggests that since the data was first published in 1998, few efforts have been made to examine the percentage of individuals with high blood pressure that have taken control of their disease. Given that lifestyle changes have been noted to play a significant role in reducing mortality ...

... professionals to develop integral programs to help patients address specific risk factors which may impact their health. Through long-term nursing support, public health agencies will be better able to meet the needs of patients and prevent the onset of stroke. While challenges remain, it is evident that more can be done to achieve Healthy People 2010 objectives and reduce the incidence of stroke in the general population.
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