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Quality and Systems Management by Toyota

Toyota is a leading manufacturer of motor vehicles which has developed its strategic objectives which ensures its competitiveness in the market. They have been able to achieve their strategic objectives because they have operational capabilities in market full of other manufacturers. One of their strategic objectives was to expanded production capacity to produce several automobiles available across the globe.

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Running Head: QUALITY AND SYSTEMS MANAGEMENT BY TOYOTA Quality and Systems Management by Toyota Introduction There has been increased competition in many business environments over time. The ability of a company to offer quality services to the satisfaction of its consumers has remained to be the greatest objective for several businesses. This has led to development of several strategies by companies to be able to achieve this goal and meet its required level of customer satisfaction. The process of this development has led to quality and management systems being put in place by several companies. Quality is a “predictable degree of uniformity and dependability, at low cost and suited to the market” (Gitlow, 2001, P. 2). Thus the companies have come up with management policies and systems of controlling their output quality. This essay focuses on quality and management systems put in place by Motor vehicles manufacturer Toyota. Operation Management Operations management is a process that brings together and utilizes several input resources in a production unit of an organization with the aim of producing ...

... quality of the vehicles is achieved in terms of safety. All the quality analysis should be in done in order to achieve the customer confidence on the products. Once that is achieved, the company should embark on a marketing strategy as they include improved after sale services and other enticing attractions to their vehicles. Finally a continued research should be done on an ongoing process to ensure that flexibility of the company is achieved at all times. The possible changes after implementation is that the company will probably return Toyota back to its profitability status. Continuous research will suggest changes on a slight basis as the company continues in its day to day production.
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