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Organizational Behavior: Why Do Study Organizational Behavior (OB)?

The study of organizational behavior and its associated subjects helps us to recognize what individuals feel, think and do in an organizational environment. For managers and other workers in an organization, this understanding assists us to forecast, control and predict any organizational events.

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Organizational Behavior: Why Do Study Organizational Behavior (OB)? Organizational Behavior The setting of any business is increasingly changing each and every time. Due to this fact, roles and responsibilities of a manager has become progressively more important. With this increase in roles and workload, managers have realized that their importance in a working atmosphere has also increased significantly (Cunningham & Eerie, 1999). In order to facilitate supervisors and managers study more on the convolution of the new personnel numerous different areas of study have been established. One key areas of study that has developed over the recent days is the study of organizational behavior. ...

... corporate world today. By clearly understanding why various individuals in an organization act in different ways, increased performance of a business or organization is likely to be achieved. By studying organizational behavior one is able to understand on the organization supreme assets, its employee’s behaviors which will turn help the organization to grow and accomplish its targeted goals.
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