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Vegetation Loss in Rural Areas Settlements’ A Case Study Of Meru North District, Kenya

This is a research paper that has discussed about Vegetation Loss in Rural Areas Settlements and it has drawn a Case Study Of Meru North District, Kenya and discussed them comprehensively

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Preview of the essay: Vegetation Loss in Rural Areas Settlements’ A Case Study Of Meru North District, Kenya

Vegetation Loss in Rural Areas Settlements’ A Case Study Of Meru North District, Kenya INTRODUCTION 1.1 BACKGROUND TO THE PROBLEM Vegetation loss is a form of vegetation degradation, with indications of conversions from dense vegetation to sparse vegetation and ultimately bare ground i.e. complete loss of vegetation e.g. in deserted areas like north eastern Kenya .this trend is being witnessed in most rural settlements which were, and seen he vegetated lands compared to urban areas. Vegetation users can be identified - according to their interaction with vegetation-, as; primary, secondary and tertiary users. This is based on the food chain model. According to several authors (Young, 1989, Nair, 1990; 1993; Sanchez et al, 1997) increased vegetation cover has been evoked as solution to the problems of land and water degradation and shortages of food, fuel wood, cash income, animal fodder and fruits together with construction wood and a host of other items such as gums, resins, thatching materials and medicinal products. The relative importance of these products varies between systems, according to the environment and socio economic circumstances. Vegetation conservation /management are the correctional measures of addressing the vegetation loss issue. Conservation ...

... policies and statutory measures should be put in place to reduce overutilization of specific vegetation types e.g. those in fragile ecosystems sand harvesting areas
• Licenses should be given to those involved in business as dealers in endangered vegetation type’s .e.g. indigenous trees to avoid unscrupulous dealer whose activities can’t be accounted for.
• Government should try and provide resources and infrastructural realities in order to improve the conservation initiatives.
• Keeping small ruminant life dairy goats , rabbits and pigs to substitute cattle which damage a lots of vegetation
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