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This research paper is aimed at finding out whether the United States law on euthanasia violates the individual rights of its citizen. Another important aspect about euthanasia is whether it’s supported by the social and ethical beliefs. Some of the objectives of this paper are as below;  The effects on euthanasia law on social science  The impacts of the US law on euthanasia on the citizen rights  The conflicts of the New York state Euthanasia Public Health Law with the religious moral judgments.

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Euthanasia Abstract Euthanasia is a medical practice which is aimed at ending life at the request of concerned people in order to end pain and agony. Euthanasia is surrounded by many controversies about its division. For instance it can either be grouped as voluntary or involuntary euthanasia. Some of the major issues surrounding this practice are whether it’s against the law or if it violates the social ethics and beliefs of some people. Euthanasia has it opponents as well as its proponents whereby those who supports it terms it as wrong if the patient feel a lot of pain. The original intention of euthanasia was to bring an idea of rightful death which may not happen through natural death. In some states of the United States it’s against the law to help someone commit suicide (Battin and Lipman 11). Chapter one: Introduction Chapter overview Chapter one introduces the research paper. ...

... ability to stop breathing. The act of death is beyond the control of men because naturally it’s God who decides when one should die. Therefore the process in which death should occur has come into our picture through the technological advancement and medical practices. Therefore the process of ending or prolonging life is not Godly. The choice to prolong life is a moral decision which is done with a good decision to preserve life (Spilka 229).
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