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Leadership Styles, Autocratic & Participative

Over the past few decades leadership has come under scrutiny. The idea of ineffective methods of leadership in any organization is easily regarded as responsible for ineffective delegation, disempowerment of staff and generally the poor performance.

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Yukl (2002) explains that a person who influences a particular defined group of people with an aim of achieving a certain set goal is known as a leader. Leadership on the other hand refers to the art of motivating the group of people to ‘act’ in order to achieve the goal. It is common knowledge that the various styles of leadership will affect the organization ...

... attractive to people as compared to those who don’t. Contrary to subordinates, people under the authority of leaders convinced to become better rather than rewards. The focus of leaders is towards the people. In conclusion, leaders are more risk seeking as compared to managers.
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Princess R.

As they say, the success of an organization primarily lies on the leadership of the head. The types of leadership you have discussed is not conclusive. There are other forms of leadership styles.

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