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Civil rights in Hard Times by Charles Dickens

Hard Times is amongst the various novels which were written by Charles Dickens. In this novel he has two prominent claims to fame, the novel is one of the shortest literary works by Dickens's, but it is also the only novel set entirely outside London.

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Civil rights in Hard Times by Charles Dickens “Hard Times” has never been the most popular novel, but it puts forth many themes that occupy the life of the author and generally other people in the society. The themes include education, industrial conditions, and civil rights of the people of all classes who dickens is determined to ensuring that they enjoy life. Even though by the time Dickens was writing his novel “Hard Times”, he was now a successful novelist, he went on preaching and gaining ...

... not always look undemanding just like walking away. Dickens' novel reminds us how little has basically changed. Workers are still exploited by employers and used as units in the generation of income - and can therefore be viciously discarded when not desired. The cash nexus has entered every facet of life, and such kinds of acts have debased human relations even more.
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