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Economic Growth, Impact, and Viability of Dubai.

Dubai has since then formed many regional and international partnerships such as Arab League, United Nations, Arab Gulf cooperation council, Non Aligned Movement, Associations and organizations of Islamic Conferences. It also increased relations with many worldly countries such as the western democratic countries. Evans, (p30) these relations have been a great mover as they have opened opportunities for both domestic and international investment and formation of liberal trade policies and agreements.

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Preview of the essay: Economic Growth, Impact, and Viability of Dubai.

Economic Growth, Impact, and Viability of Dubai. Rise to power Dubai is one of the United Arab Emirates countries which was amongst the least developed countries in the world thirty years ago. During this period that is 1970s, Dubai mainly depended on subsistence agriculture, fishing, nomadic animal husbandly, extraction of pearls, sea faring among other activities. This was a period of dependence on simple subsistence economy. However this vastly changed over time since the discovery of oil in the country and thus excluding it from the slow hypothetical development stages that many developed countries experienced, therefore placing it at a growth rate comparable to the industrialized nations. (Hannaford, P20) The discovery of oil in Dubai has enabled it to reap large revenues from the resource, thus ability to shortcut the lengthy and difficult processes that involves huge savings and capital accumulations to achieve economic development. The ...

... economy is the efforts which have been embraced in the performance of agriculture, more land has been devoted for agriculture and application for incentives has been adopted. This has greatly boosted the economy of Dubai Dubai’s economic growth can be superficial as progressive change in the structure of the economy through transformations in fundamental sectors such as industrialization and urbanization which in general increases the GDP (Vicky Francis, p50).
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Princess R.

Needless to emphasize, Dubai is growing as an economic power in the Middle East areas. Your essay only shows that Dubai has the capacity to be the commercial center in the Islam world.

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