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Post structuralism exploration into how New Media as represented by Television affects the Social behavior of children

The latest famous literature on children and television has led many think that television is taking over the roles of school as the main institution for children socializing, medium for transmitting cultural knowledge and moral values, and in shaping life and society( Hawkins, R. P., & Pongee, S. 2001). Some teachers have commented on how television has interfered and intruded into the classroom. In the school, children have replicated behaviors, interaction and relationship from those of television programs. It is little more than an exercise in counting the endless time and television programs watched by children. Undoubtedly, how serious is this television watching to the educators.

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Table of contents

Introduction 3
Aggressive Behavior in Children 4
Simulation and Disinhibition of Aggressive Behavior 5
Research and studies of the Effects of TV Violence 7
The Secretes Effects of Television on Children 8
Television influence children altitudes towards themselves and others 10
Sexuality effects from television 11
Effect on alcohol and tobacco 14
Control measures 16
Suggestions for parents 17
Suggestions to Television Industry 18
Conclusions 18
References 19

Preview of the essay: Post structuralism exploration into how New Media as represented by Television affects the Social behavior of children

When we talk of public sphere this covers our general public interactions, our governments, business sectors, education sectors, community interactions etc. while the private sphere refers to the personal individualism and the family. Children being the future drivers of the society, they are currently being exposed to various social issues that in the long run impact on the society.
Since the early 1970s a significant change has occurred on the relationship between children and television. For the past three decades researchers have described a child as unreceptive, naïve and uncritical receiver of television ideas and information (Gerber, T., & Gross, L. 2000).Parents and analyst have considered television watching as to be ‘’waste of time’’.Children have brought out their opinion by arguing that that television is a social educator, a technological media for mass consumer ...

... is certainly true that television does not account for all the negative behaviors found on children. There would be no better recommendation than for parents and social programs guiding as these fragile minds of the future. Despite the fact that scientists and researchers have recommended ways on how to minimize unpleasant effects to children, we still cannot menace by having these numerous unpleasant effects outnumbering the good ones that television can present to children.
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